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Colts QB Carson Wentz weighs in on first chapter in Indianapolis

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Is it already time to kick back and unplug for summer vacation ahead of the Indianapolis Colts return to training camp in late July at Grand Park in Westfield

That’s a firm “no,” according to Colts quarterback Carson Wentz. He already is booking throwing sessions with his new pass catchers for June and potentially again in early July; it’s a positive sign following his first two weeks with coach Frank Reich’s 2021 offense working together at OTAs.

As for Coach Reich and his new starting quarterback?  This tandem doesn’t need extra time. 

“Think where we picked up off of is just that we still totally understand each other,” Wentz said Wednesday. “He knows how I see the game and I know how he sees the game.” 

“Some similarities carry over (from Philadelphia) with schemes and stuff, but there is still plenty of new that for me is kind of exciting.”

Reich said Wentz’s “attitude couldn’t be better. He is a great team player. He is coming in with the right attitude of wanting to do his part. I believe he is going to do that. I believe he is going to have an incredible year.”

After speaking with Wentz’s teammates on Wednesday, the No. 1 takeaway through two weeks with their new quarterback is this: Wentz is going the extra mile making personal connections inside the locker room.

Now outside, around Indianapolis, what are his impressions of this new home?

“It has been fun,” Wentz said. “The community has been extremely welcoming and has embraced us tremendously. We have been able to get out in the community, go do some fun things.”

“It has been fun and we definitely love it.”

Colts camp will run from July 25-Aug. 15, but the start can’t come soon enough as the quarterback, once again, is at the center of the conversation.


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