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Dallas Clark’s Ironman competition, meaningful 500 Festival Mini-Marathon

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — How is Dallas Clark handling retirement from the NFL?

The former Colts player isn’t sitting back and relaxing.

He’s currently working toward an Ironman competition.

“It’s not getting ready play the Patriots or the Titans, or something like that. It’s obviously different. But, the mindset is there: the attack, the approach,” Clark said.

The former Horseshoe tight end is now tackling a triathlon. Clark’s retirement project entails a 2.4-mile swim, a 112-mile bike race, and a 26.2-mile run in an Ironman competition this October.

Clark said, “It’s full circle here, but it’s definitely a complete different challenge, and that’s the part I’ve really liked and kind of a tight end race where there’s all three. It’s not just a run, right?”

As part of his training, Clark will return to Indianapolis to participate in the 500 Festival Mini-Marathon. Saturday’s race is part of a much larger mission. Clark hopes to enlist the help of his Hoosier friends and fans.

While training for the Ironman competition, he also hopes to raise awareness for two organizations that inspired him during his football career. His other goal is to raise $2 million for Peyton Manning Children’s Hospital and the University of Iowa Stead Family Children’s Hospital.

“I was talking to Peyton, and he said, ‘So you think you can raise a million dollars?’ and I’m like, ‘Peyton, I don’t … I don’t know if … I don’t try right, you know, so let’s do it.’ I mean, this race is insane. Why don’t we see what we can do,” Clark said.

Project 44 is underway.  For more information, or to donate to Clark’s cause, go online.