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Hot but still no 90-degree days yet

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — We’ve had heat and high humidity this year but we’re still missing a 90-degree high in Indianapolis.

The mercury has gotten close to 90 the first weekend of June but we’ve continued to come up short. More than half of the days we’ve seen highs above normal. We’ve had only three days where high temperatures were below normal.

The earliest we’ve seen a 90-degree day in Indianapolis was on April 24, 1925. The latest we’ve reach a 90-degree day was on October 8, 2007.

So far we haven’t seen a 90-degree temperature this year. The same occurred in 2004. Here are a few 90-degree statistics:

  • The average number of days we see 90 is about 18.2.
  • The most we’ve seen in June was 18 back in 1954.
  • The most we’ve seen in a year is 58 back in 1983.

It looks like later this week we’ll have another chance to reach 90 degrees.