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Today’s Takeout: Support Taste Restaurant at Lucky Lou Seafood and Dimsum

Today’s Takeout is from the Taste Restaurant at Lucky Lou Seafood and Dimsum.

The restaurant serves authentic Cantonese cuisine, Chinese food, seafood and dim sum. It’s the only eatery serving dim sum consistently (some restaurants will offer as a special occasionally).

They also offer traditional dishes such as spring rolls, pot stickers, steamed dumplings, chicken fried rice, lo mein and more.

They have more adventurous dishes as well, such as steamed chicken feet, beef honeycomb tripe, pork blood with Chinese chives, pork intestines with hot sauce, jelly fish with scallion.

Taste at Lucky Lou Fun Facts:

  • We are a restaurant owned by people who live to eat!
  • We are passionate about introducing Hoosiers the art of dim sum because we believe that it is a way to help families and friends connect through food.
  • We hand-make each dim sum item so for us, each dish is a labor of love.
  • Our message during this Pandemic- In our family, we show our care through food so our determination during this pandemic is to show the people of Indy our care and appreciation through our food and we hope that it serves as a little encouragement for our customers to keep hanging in there!

Taste at Lucky Lou is open for carryout and delivery via GrubHub and Uber Eats.

They’re closed on Wednesdays.

Contact the restaurant with the information below:

Phone number: 317-293-8888

3623 Commercial Drive, Indianapolis, IN 46222

Facebook: Instagram: