Top cosmetic procedures to look and feel your best

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Dr. Gregory Chernoff, Chernoff Cosmetic Surgeons, tells us about some of his TOP cosmetic procedures and what they entail. 

Top cosmetic procedures to look and feel your best

Laser Eyelid Lift combined with Endoscopic Eyebrow Lift:
•    Specialized technique that allows patients to have a fast recovery with the smallest incisions.  
•    Dr. Chernoff uses a laser to perform the eyelid surgery and a for the browlift, he uses an endoscopic technique.  
•    More than 15,000 of these procedures competed; patients are extremely happy with the results. 

Summer months are filled with Rhinoplasty surgery:
•    Computer imaging helps patients see what they can expect from surgery.  
•    Goal is to create facial harmony and balance sculpting the nose with the rest of a person’s features.

Top cosmetic procedures to look and feel your best

Comprehensive Hair Growth & Health
•    PRP uses your own platelets, rich in your own growth factors, to repair and regenerate damaged hair follicles.  
•    Multi Wave Light (MLS) improves circulation, reduces inflammation, and enhances PRP results for hair health. 
•    Both women and men have experienced improvement in hair thickness and health with PRP injections combined with light therapy treatments.
•    Dr. Chernoff offers new and innovative supplements that work with the PRP injections and light treatment.  
•    He performs Follicular Unit Hair Transplantation as well. 

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