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Movies to watch as theaters begin to reopen this weekend: ‘Unhinged,’ ‘Project Power,’ ‘Cut Throat City’

This weekend you have the chance to see a movie in theaters for the first time in several months. Christopher Lloyd of The Film Yap has reviews for what’s new in theaters, new on digital/demand, streaming and what you may have missed.

New in Theaters:

Unhinged — Russell Crowe stars in this old-school revenge/anger thriller as a road-raging maniac who makes a hapless woman the target of his resentment. Read more

New On Digital/Demand:

Desert One — This excellent documentary from two-time Oscar winner Barbara Kopple looks at the failed military mission to rescue the Americans held hostage in Iran in 1980. Read more

Tesla — Ethan Hawke plays the fabled inventor in this new biopic about his uphill battle to bring his idea for an electrical system to life.

Cut Throat City — Shameik Moore stars as a man trying to break out of poverty in post-Katrina New Oreans who becomes caught up in a cycle of violence in this gritty crime drama directed by RZA. Read more

Cool on Streaming:

Project Power — A look at the dark side of superpowers, Jamie Foxx stars in this action/drama about a world where anybody can become a superhero for five minutes with a new pill. Now on Netflix. With Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

You Might Have Missed:

Kiss the Blood Off My Hands — Burt Lancaster and Joan Fontaine star in his gorgeous-looking film noir about an ex-soldier tempted by violence now out in a new Blu-ray edition. Read more

For more movie reviews from Lloyd visit his website.