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New Life Challenge: Play Two Truths and a Lie

This week’s New Life Challenge asks you to go to a play Two Truths and a Lie- Want to find a fun way to learn more about your family and friends. At your next family dinner play the game, Two Truths and A Lie. Two truths and a Lie is a popular game that young people enjoy. This is a great way to get your teenagers involved in a family discussion, especially when you find out things about each other that you didn’t know. Each person takes turns and tells three things about themselves. Two of the statements should be true and one statement should be a lie. The goal is for everyone else in the family to guess the lie. The lie can be a serious statement and hard to guess, or it can be funny and easy to pick out. An example of an easy lie would be to tell that Mickey Mouse is your twin, a good one to play with little ones. This game can also help them understand the difference between the truth and a lie.

This week’s New Life Challenge is brought to you by the New Life Worship Center.