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The Mind Trust awards 2023 SCPI recipients

The Mind Trust, an educational nonprofit, is making a significant impact on educational opportunities in Indianapolis through its School-Community Innovation Partnership Investments (SCPIs). Kateri Whitley, Senior Director of Communications at The Mind Trust, and Sharon Clark, Co-Founder of Aspire House, joined in a conversation to shed light on the initiatives and investments that are shaping the community.

The SCPI awards are instrumental in fostering collaborations between community organizations and schools, expanding educational opportunities for students and families in Indianapolis. Recognizing that funding plays a crucial role in developing and sustaining strategic community partnerships, The Mind Trust invests in these initiatives to ensure continued support for students. Recently, they awarded $325,000 to 25 nonprofit or community-based organizations, with $292,500 going to nonprofits like Aspire House and $32,500 to community-based organizations. These funds enable local organizations to offer high-quality programming to students and families attending public charter and innovation schools.

Aspire House, one of this year’s SCPI recipients, is committed to rebuilding the Northwest Landing neighborhood by regenerating great communities. With a $30,000 investment from The Mind Trust, Aspire House has been able to amplify its programs and establish new partnerships with schools. Their “Safe Spaces to Play & Learn” initiative focuses on academic progress through literacy and mentoring, incorporating after-school fitness programs with a reading component. Additionally, Aspire House is developing the Urban Bloom Youth Art Gardening Classes program, further enriching the educational experiences of students.

These investments bring excitement and meaningful change to the community. Aspire House expects its programs to impact over 300 K-12 students in 2023, enhancing academic achievements through fitness, wellness, and nutrition education. Moreover, the Safe Spaces to Play & Learn initiative addresses food insecurity and strengthens community ties by actively involving families in the programs. The Mind Trust’s ongoing investments not only support the schools they serve but also supplement efforts to help children thrive academically.

Since 2019, The Mind Trust has been dedicated to these transformative investments, with over $675,000 distributed to local organizations over the past four years, predominantly led by people of color. To learn more about the School-Community Innovation Partnership Investments, visit The Mind Trust’s website at Together, these collaborations and investments are paving the way for a brighter future for students and families in Indianapolis.