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2 teens arrested for south-side stabbing death of 18-year-old man

2 teens arrested for south-side stabbing death of 18-year-old man

News 8 at 10

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Authorities have arrested two teenagers and charged them with murder and robbery in connection to the stabbing death of an 18-year-old man.

Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department arrested Daniel Crockett, 17, and Antonio Carter, 18, for the fatal stabbing death of Nathan Henry.

Henry was stabbed in the 6800 block of Buckridge East Road around 2 a.m. on Oct. 25. When officers arrived to the scene they couldn’t locate Henry and learned he was taken to an area hospital. He later died from his injuries.

On the morning of the stabbing, IMPD said three people were taken into custody for questioning.

The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office has formally charged Crockett and Carter for murder and robbery.

According to the probable cause affidavit, Carter and Crockett drove their friend Henry to the hospital after he was stabbed. Henry later died and investigators questioned both Carter and Crockett to determine what led up to the stabbing.

Both Carter and Crockett told investigators the stabbing happened at a gas station but “were not sure where.”

Another person contacted police, saying he was robbed and that he stabbed one of the suspects in the 6800 block of Buckridge. Officers were able to locate a crime scene at the location.

The male, who has not been identified, told officers he was meeting Carter to pick up drugs that he was owed after a “scammed” drug deal that happened about 30-45 days earlier.

According to the male, Carter asked him to meet him at 1616 E Southport Road. Once the male arrived, he realized he was at an apartment complex. Carter allegedly told him to drive to the back of the complex. The male said he did and that Carter got into the car and gave him some marijuana.

Carter then got out of the car to go back to get the rest of the marijuana he owed the male, according to the male’s statement. When Carter returned, the male said he “sensed something was not right.” After a few moments, the male said two other males appeared and a fight ensued after the males attempted to rob him.

During the fight, the male told police he was threatened with a gun and then “pistol-whipped” before he pulled out his knife and stabbed Henry.

After Henry was stabbed, the male said he was able to run away. He said two or three rounds were fired at him as he ran away. He later got back to his car, called his father, picked up his girlfriend, called 911 and then waited at his home until an officer arrived.

According to charging documents, both Carter and Crockett are charged with Henry’s murder because their actions allegedly led to his death.

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