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A look at early spring color in Indianapolis

Aviator Adventures: A scenic journey viewing early spring colors

As spring breathes life into Central Indiana, a palette of nature’s most vibrant colors begins to unfold across the landscape.

As a meteorologist, I’m privileged to forecast the changing seasons, but to me, it’s the palette of spring colors that truly signifies the promise of new beginnings that the season is known for.

For this journey, let’s take a flight through the northern suburbs of Indianapolis, amidst the bloom of spring. I want to highlight the three most common species of tree I notice brightening up our spring streets.


Ancient and striking, magnolias awaken in early spring, their blooms acting as nature’s signal that warmer days are just around the corner.

First to steal the scene this time of year are the magnolias, with their majestic blooms ranging from pure white to deep pink. These ancient trees stand tall and produce large, fragrant flowers heralding warmer days. Although most often seen with pink petals, as mentioned, some variants produce beautiful white ones too.


Pear trees adorn the spring landscape with a blanket of white blossoms, offering a serene and picturesque scene amid the urban sprawl.

Next, not to be outdone, the pear trees sprinkle their own magic, their branches laden with delicate white blossoms. Although some pear trees are invasive, you can’t deny that the soft, snow-like covering creates a beautiful and stark contrast against the sometimes harsh backdrop of city life.


Early spring brings the maple’s subtle drama as its new leaves emerge in shades of red, marking a vivid departure from the season’s green hues.

The last species to highlight is the maple tree. From afar, you can see their small, new leaves casting a faint, crimson hue across the blue sky.

The Storm Track 8 weather team is forecasting wonderful weather in central Indiana over the next two days. So, head out there Indiana and enjoy some of the spring color in your neighborhood!