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Avi8or Adventures Thanksgiving Special

Thanksgiving 2023 Avi8or Adventures

The Hoosier state is home to 95 thousand farmers – Mostly family owned and operated. This week, The Avi8or takes us on a special agricultural Adventure just in time for Thanksgiving.

Let’s head to the small yet bustling town of Pendleton Indiana. Out where no matter how high you fly, the flat fertile Indiana countryside stretches farther than the eye can see. Down where the wind whips the rows of corn into a frenzy as a cold front approaches from the west. Down here there is work to be done for many Hoosiers to prepare for the holiday season and long, chilly winter ahead 

On afternoons like this Folks like Nathan and his crew are hard at work harvesting crops for communities all across our state. The hard work of many months prior finally comes to a head as his crew uproots and processes thousands of bushels of corn.  Leaving behind plenty of chaff as the John Deer plows ahead. Even as the hopper fills up and retires for the moment. The harvester continues to chug along, collecting tons of corn itself while uprooting the crop at the same time.

Nathan Wood and his buddy Jenna spend hours upon hours on harvest days collecting as much corn as is possible. Once the harvest is complete they then focus on shipping it off to become animal feed and ethanol. Believe it or not, Nathan is a 6th Generation Farmer out at Wood Brother Farms. The farm has been an agricultural contributor to Madison County and beyond since 1854.

Despite the drought conditions, Nathan says his crop yield was much better than expected. He thinks their plot of land got the right amount of rain at just the right time. Thanks to the hard work of many Hoosiers like Nathan, communities can get some food on their plate at just the right time this thanksgiving. So while we celebrate this time of giving thanks, remember the hard working farmers and agriculturalists who continue to provide food for our families and communities all year long.