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Man says Tom Brady’s sloppy autographs ruined his sports memorabilia 

Tom Brady’s signature items

(WISH) — Football icon Tom Brady’s sloppy autographs have one man regretting his decision to purchase a ton of his memorabilia that’s not worth as much as he thought.

Glenn Gagnon, a sports memorabilia collector from Massachusetts, is upset by what he thinks are subpar autographs from Brady. Gagnon claims that some of his prized New England Patriots items, including stadium seats and shoes, lack recognizable signatures, making authentication difficult.

Gagnon spoke with media outlets about the discrepancies in Brady’s autographs, expressing frustration over an authenticator’s rejection of a pair of TB 12 shoes from a 2018 game, for which he paid $7,200.

“All Indiana” on Wednesday had reactions to Gagnon’s frustration.

One warning: Don’t investing in items without proper authentication. Another warning: Safeguard investments.