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After the bell: $4 gas; personal computers; holiday shopping; pricey dating

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Gas at $4 could be right around the corner again.

The average price of gas in Indiana on Monday was about $4.20 a gallon; the national average was $3.92 a gallon. The national average could be on its way to hitting $4 for the first time in two months.

There is good news, though: Prices appear to be falling where they are the highest as refineries in the West come back online.

Personal computer shipments falling

Global personal computer shipments fell 15% in September due to a lack of demand.

Apple is bucking that trend, though. The company says Mac shipments increased 40% during the same time.

Holiday shopping looks bleak

Adobe says online sales on Black Friday should increase only 1% from last year.

That news is not good for retailers, who are struggling to offload extra inventory while consumers deal with soaring inflation.

Dating is getting expensive

A new survey from LendingTree shows 22% of millennials say they’ve gone into debt from what they’ve spent on dating.

On average, they spent about $91 on a night out, and people are using credit cards to cover the expenses.