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Community Center uses social media for a new roof

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Hawthorne Community Center employees are determined to raise money to replace their roof and they turned to Facebook and Twitter to ask for help.

The rain fall has added to their problems. Employees who work at the facility said that it looks like the roof will collapse.

Ceiling tiles that are connected to the 36-year-old roof fall daily to the ground.

Insurance money was collected on a claim made from hail damage. Those funds will be put towards replacing the roof.

It is a far cry from the $24,000 goal they posted on their “Go Fund Me” page.

Judith Thomas and Diane Arnold are preschool teachers and they call the facility a safe haven.

The Hawthorne Community Center has served the west side of Indianapolis for 91 years. It is now in jeopardy of being shut down.

Wires are exposed, mold is present and buckets catch water that drips to the ground.

“In just a few days we raised $1,400, clearly a lot of people shared our post. Many have also commented, it’s heartwarming. One person said, this is where I went when I was a child. I hope people chip in so we can continue to help children, seniors and anyone in need,” said Thomas.

“It hurts we are in this position. I don’t know what people would do if we had to close down. If someone has only one dollar or fifty dollars, I hope they donate. Every little bit helps,” added Arnold.

To donate to the Hawthorne Community Center, click here.