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Beech Grove father pleads guilty to neglect after video shows 4-year-old son with gun

Beech Grove father pleads guilty to neglect after video shows 4-year-old son with gun

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A father of a 4-year-old from Beech Grove has agreed to a plea deal over the chilling sight of his son carrying a loaded handgun.

I-Team 8 has followed the case for more than a year since Shane Osborne was charged with neglect after his son was seen on video waving a handgun in an apartment building.

It made national news when “On Patrol: Live” aired the doorbell camera video of the boy, in diapers, playing with the weapon in a hallway of an apartment building. Police say the gun was loaded.

According to online court records, the deal for Osborne, 45, calls for 692 days of probation for putting the child in danger through neglect.

With the guilty plea, two other charges are dropped as part of the deal.

Osborne was originally charged with dangerous control of a firearm and two counts of child neglect, according to a probable cause affidavit submitted by the Marion County Prosecutor’s Office.

At the time, when questioned by police, Osborne — who was in his underwear — denied having a gun. Police quickly looked around the apartment, but found no sign of the firearm.

“Next, a neighbor showed police their doorbell video. Confronted by police a second time about the gun, Osborne said he never brought a gun into the apartment, but that his cousin had. His cousin was not in the apartment when police visited,” I-Team 8’s Kody Fisher reported Tuesday.

Osborne gave police permission to search his apartment. A few minutes into the search, the 4-year-old boy showed officers where the gun was hidden.

“Officer (redacted) was with the boy in his bedroom and asked the child where he put his toy while displaying his hand in the form of a gun,” court papers say.

“The boy then walked out of the bedroom and into the living room, where he went to a roll-top desk and said ‘pew pew,’ while motioning toward the desk. Osborne then opened the roll-top desk, exposing a silver and black handgun. The gun was just as described and appeared to be the one observed in the surveillance video.”

Alongside probation, Osborne will have to pay nearly $600 in court and child abuse prevention fees.

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