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Father arrested after 5-year-old shoots himself, community grieves

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Flowers and toys lie in front of the home where 5-year-old Hakiem Scott was found with a gunshot wound after police say he shot himself.

“Hearing the mother scream and just me being a mom you know that just really pierced my soul,” Audrey Lane, an Indianapolis resident, said.

It happened on Friday night at the Nowland and North Kealing Avenues intersection.

“Me and my daughter had rolled past and had seen someone else start the candles and had a couple of toys out here, so thank God I had a toy in my car so we were able to put that there,” Lane said.

Police have arrested his father 25-year-old Jahbar Scott for neglect causing death.

According to court papers, the boy’s mother was in the kitchen and his father in the restroom when the child pulled the trigger with his 3-year-old brother in front of him.

“They’re just curious, so for you to put something. If you’re going to have something in your home for protection then it needs to be safety precautions that are taken in order to keep that,” Lane said.

David Portillo and his family live close to where the shooting happened.

“We really have to manage our gun safety and reinforce it more,” David Portillo, an Indianapolis resident, said.

According to police, Jahbar was watching T.V. with his two sons when he placed his gun down in the side of the couch and left.

Police also found cocaine inside the home.

Jahbar told police he could not remember where he found the gun after the shooting, but did remember releasing the gun’s magazine when he retrieved it.

Neighbors are thinking about the child’s family.

“Her and the father were both crying hysterically and it was something. It was hard to hear just knowing like at any moment your kids could be in danger, so keeping them safe. It’s so scary,” Lane said.

Portillo said, “I can’t even comprehend what they’re feeling right now. Much love to them and I really hope no one has to go through that.”

Some neighbors tell News 8 their thoughts and prayers are with the boy’s family.

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