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Man in custody for attempted theft and identity fraud, others under investigation

Money (WISH Photo)

ELKHART, Ind. (WISH) — Elkhart police say that a man faces felony charges of attempted theft and identity fraud after attempting to take money from a bank account using an ID that was not his.

A release made Wednesday says that around 11:04 a.m. May 1, 44-year-old Randy Friend, from Goshen, Indiana, tried to withdraw money from a bank account at the Teachers Credit Union Bank in Elkhart.

While at the bank, Friend presented a bank teller with an ID that wasn’t his. The teller did not give Friend money, and called police. Friend left the scene before an officer arrived.

Police were told that Friend left the credit union driving a red Jeep Renegade. Shortly after, a second officer found the Jeep near an apartment complex and performed a traffic stop.

When police questioned Friend, he gave officers the wrong name. Investigators later learned that Friend was wanted in Goshen for allegedly securing a loan and purchasing the Jeep under someone else’s name.

Friend was then taken into custody. He was being held at the Elkhart County jail with a $25,000 bond as of Wednesday. A hearing is scheduled for August 1.

This is one of many fraud investigations the Elkhart Police Department has been investigating through the month of May.

On May 24, police asked for the public’s help in identifying three people connected to fraud investigations. According to the release, the three people were identified shortly after the public request.

Police say that two of the three people, a male and female, came forward and cooperated with detectives. As the two people worked with police in the investigation, officers did not press charges against them.

Officers have not shared the identities of the two people who came forward or the third person under investigation.

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