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Two new attorneys set to represent Kegan Kline

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Two new attorneys are set to represent Kegan Kline, the child porn suspect who admitted to creating the social media profile “anthony_shots” that police have linked to the Delphi murders, according to court records.

William Fitzgerald Berkshire of Berkshire Law Firm and Eric David Huneryager of Huneryager Law will represent Kline.

Andrew Achey and Rhett Christopher Lee, Kline’s original attorneys, are still listed as Kline’s current counsel, court docs say.

Achey informed his client that he would not continue representing him over the weekend after Kline told the judge he had not seen all of the evidence and needed to reconsider his guilty plea. Achey was not aware of that and said he was surprised.

According to court docs, Achey asked to be withdrawn as Kline’s counsel on Friday, and the judge granted that request Tuesday.

The Miami County judge on Tuesday also gave Kline a few more days, until May 31, to decide if he wanted to withdraw his guilty plea. The judge also agreed to delay Kline’s next court hearing to 11 a.m. June 8. The sentencing hearing is now set for 9 a.m. July 27.

Kline spoke to News 8’s reporting partners at “The Murder Sheet” during a jailhouse interview.

Druing the interview, Kline said he may want to withdraw his guilty plea because there is evidence that someone else accessed the “anthony_shots” social media profile. He said he believes his father, Tony Kline, accessed the account.

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