Dog finds ‘forever’ home after euthanasia near miss

COLUMBUS, Ohio (WCMH) – A dog that found itself in the Franklin County Dog Shelter three times in the past 18 months — the last time on the euthanasia list — has gone back to its “forever” home.

Kia’s original owner was disabled in a horrific car accident. Family took Kia in, but they couldn’t cope. Kia eventually found herself in FCDS. There she was adopted out, but returned in bad shape. She was missing hair, had long nails and was 20 pounds underweight.

To make matters worse, the next owner became ill, and Kia found herself back at FCDS for a third time with severe ear and skin infections.

FCDS put Kia on the euthanasia list, and a person who fosters dog and knew Kia’s case contacted the family of the dog’s original owner, and they came back to reclaim her.

Unfortunately, Kia needs medical help and they are looking for people who can contribute to the medical bills. Contact FCDS here if you want to help Kia’s family.