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Finding Faith: Filmmaker steps into the holy land

Finding Faith: Free screening: ‘Out of Egypt’

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — For those looking to step into the ancient world, an Indy filmmaker is sharing the Exodus story in his new documentary, ‘Out of Egypt.’ Stuart Peck recently discussed his latest film in the ‘Finding Faith’ segment on Life. Style. Live! He shared how the documentary explores the story of the Exodus, the journey of the Israelites from Egypt to the Promised Land.

Peck told us about how he got started making the film. “We started our first fundraiser on Kickstarter, raised $60,000 through that, and went over to Israel,” Peck said. “And we just wrapped up the completion of our series on the Exodus.”

He also shared why he thought it was important to share the Exodus journey. “When God called them out, they went through the Sinai Peninsula to Mount Sinai and then on into the country of present-day Jordan, where they crossed the Jordan River into what is modern-day Israel,” said Peck .

Despite navigating the current political climate in Israel, Peck says his work will continue. “We have been watching what’s going on in Israel right now. And it hasn’t halted things, but we may have to shift some things,” said Peck.

A free screening of “Out of Egypt” will be held at Brownsburg Ace Theater on Friday, April 5th, and Saturday night following. The documentary, produced by Appian Media, is a non-profit, offering people an exploration of biblical narratives filmed on location in Bible lands.