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Man in Fishers standoff had history of domestic violence

Man in Fishers, Indiana, standoff with police had criminal past

FISHERS, Ind. (WISH) — I-Team 8 has uncovered new information surrounding an apparent murder-suicide in Fishers. Our team found red flags in the suspect’s background — including another incident where he was charged with raping the same woman.

These red flags show a pattern of domestic violence.

Derrick Upshaw shut down part of Fishers and drew dozens of police to the apartment complex at State Road 37 and 141st Street. Police found him and Tiffany Plummer dead inside. On top of that, he had hurt Plummer before, and he had other victims.

In December 2017, Hamilton County prosecutors charged Upshaw with domestic battery in the presence of a child less than 16 years old, strangulation and interference with reporting a crime. According to court documents, he strangled a woman and prevented a 13-year-old child in the home from telling police or 911 about the incident. He plead it down to one class A misdemeanor, spent four days in jail and paid $50.

Raio Krishnayya helps domestic violence victims with their court cases, as the Executive Director of the Center for Victim and Human Rights.

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“The studies all show that the risk of re-offending is, of course, much higher if there’s a prior domestic violence conviction,” Krishnayya said.

He says the data shows we spend a lot of resources on people who re-offend.

While Upshaw was still on probation for the Hamilton County domestic violence case, he was arrested in Marion County. Tiffany Plummer told police Upshaw hit her in the face, ripped her hair out, kicked her body, bit her and threw a metal cup at her. She escaped by jumping off a third floor balcony. All this happened while her two children were in the apartment.

He was charged with rape, criminal confinement, battery and strangulation. In October 2019, he reached an agreement with prosecutors to include no additional jail time. He pleaded guilty to strangulation, but all the other charges were dropped. The prosecutor’s office blames issues with evidence.

Months later, he and Plummer were dead in that Fishers apartment.

“Accountability is an important aspect of addressing domestic violence cases, so if the message to the offender was ‘were not really going to hold you accountable’ then I think in a sense, it’s sort of a carte blanche to go forward and continue without feeling the weight of those institutions saying, ‘we’re watching and it’s not tolerable,'” said Krishnayya.

Because of his convictions, Upshaw was prohibited from buying or possessing a firearm.

I-Team 8 reached out to the Fishers Police Department to find out whose gun was used in the shooting on Monday. They did not get back to us. They also still have not said whether he shot Plummer, or whether he killed himself or was shot by police.