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Holcomb says he won’t hesitate on gender transition ban bill

LAFAYETTE, Ind. (WISH) — Gov. Eric Holcomb on Wednesday said he disagreed with assertions the legislature overstepped its bounds in trying to ban gender transition care for minors.

Speaking to reporters after a groundbreaking near Lafayette, Holcomb said he expected Senate Bill 480 would officially arrive at his desk in the next day or two.

While Holcomb wouldn’t say outright how he plans to act on the bill, he said lawmakers are within their right to regulate the medical care a parent may pursue for their child. Holcomb says he plans to review the bill carefully.

“I will take the time to go through it word for word before I make my final decision but I won’t dither,” Holcomb said.

The bill bans hormone therapy, puberty blockers, and surgery for gender transition purposes for anyone under age 18. Language in the bill would allow such treatments for any purpose other than gender transition care.

Doctors from Indiana University Riley Hospital for Children told lawmakers during the committee hearing stage they do not perform gender transition surgery on minors and globally-accepted standards of transgender care do not condone it.

If it becomes law, transgender youth in Indiana would have until the end of the year to discontinue any gender transition treatment they are receiving.

Holcomb has seven days to act on the bill once it is presented to him. Lawmakers already have more than enough votes to override any veto.

The ACLU of Indiana already has said it plans to sue if the bill becomes law. A similar law in Arkansas is on hold pending the outcome of a December trial before a federal judge. A federal appeals court blocked an effort by that state to lift a preliminary injunction against it while the judge reviews the case.