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Question from GOP Governor’s Debate: Should Indiana completely ban abortion while guaranteeing access to IFV?

GOP Governor’s Debate: Indiana’s abortion law

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – Five Republican candidates hoping for the job of Indiana governor debated live for 90 minutes Wednesday night from the historic Madam Walker Legacy Center on WISH-TV.

The five invited candidates were Mike Braun, Brad Chambers, Suzanne Crouch, Eric Doden, and Curtis Hill.

Should Indiana completely ban abortion while guaranteeing access to in-vitro fertilization (IVF)?

According to Doden, he’s “ardently pro-life.” He says abortion is not just a religious issue, adding Indiana should promote having children and families. Doden promised to protect IVF. He also talked about helping people to adopt children.

Senator Braun says he believes in “the sanctity of life.” He also said in Indiana, no state laws on abortion or IVF need to change. He added Indiana should do more to help moms in troubled pregnancies, and to nurture life once it’s born.

When asked Hill said he believes in “the culture of life,” banning abortion in all circumstances. He added the Indiana Department of Health should be sharing “pregnancy termination reports” with watchdog agencies and ensure the state’s abortion limits are enforced.

Chambers said he’s “pro-life,” and he believes the Indiana abortion exceptions are important and should stand. He supports IVF and adds adoption resources.

Likewise, Lt. Gov. Crouch said she’s “pro-life.” She wants to make sure Indiana also supports pregnant moms and their children. On IVF, she says that she would work with the state’s lawmakers “to ensure that we protect life but also give those women the ability, and those couples the ability, to bring life into this world.”