Indy Zoo makes changes when temperatures drop

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – When the winter hits, 100 Indianapolis Zoo keepers, trainers, nutritionist and veterinarians never have a dull moment.

When the temperatures drop below 50 degrees, the African Exhibit is transferred indoors. Many animals that can tolerate the cold are also moved to heated barns. The staff says it’s to keep them safe when surfaces get slick.

“We are responsible to overlook 2,000 animals that live on this 64-acre property. We take this very seriously,” zoo keeper Tom Grandberry said.

“The animals that are indoors are kept busy,” Carla Knapp said. “They will get behavioral enrichment like toys, puzzles and treats hidden their food.”

Alaskan brown bears Kiak and Mikal enjoy the outdoors when it’s cold. Their trainers placed dog bones throughout the exhibit hoping to get them to move around.

In the winter staff says they check in on the animals at least three times a day.