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IPS parents prepare their students to return to the classroom

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Indianapolis Public School students can soon physically go back into the classroom. The change means parents and students have to start planning next steps, and get ready.

COVID-19 hits painfully close to home for Angelia Moore and her family.

“We lost a very dear friend. A very dear friend,” said Angelia Moore, the vice president of programming for Edna Martin Christian Center.

Despite losing a friend to COVID-19, Moore said she’s ready for her son to be back in the classroom.

“We’ve worked with him on hand washing, keeping his mask on, staying distanced. The pandemic is real. So, there’s always that fear that at any given time, he or one of his classmates could be infected,” said Moore.

Starting Oct. 5, IPS will begin to gradually phase students back to in-person learning.

Moore’s son will be on the IPS hybrid model. Some days he will learn in person at school, some days he will learn virtually.

“I believe the district and the schools have done the best job of making sure they have PPE available. They’re teaching students again, they’re reminding teachers, so they have done their due diligence,” said Moore.

Moore said her son is ready to be back in the classroom.

Carrie Black, who is the communications manager at IPS, said all IPS families should be getting a form directly from their student’s school, where they can opt in to continue remote learning for the rest of the semester. Black said families planning to return for in-person learning will need to decide whether they will use the district’s transportation or provide their own. That deadline is Sept. 21.

Washington Township Schools are also planning to start a return to classrooms in October.

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