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Lawrence PD: Leaving gift boxes on curb could invite criminals

LAWRENCE, Ind. (WISH) — Police say unretrieved mail can be one of the factors inviting criminals to break into your home over the holidays.

Lawrence Police Department says stacks of mail indicate you haven’t been home for a while. People on an extended leaves should ask a friend or relative to collect the mail while you’re gone.

That friend should also turn your lights on and off twice a day.

But here’s the big warning after Christmas: Don’t leave big boxes on your curb.

Capt. Tracey Cantrell of Lawrence police, said, “The bad guy is going to say, ‘Whoa, they got new TVs in here,’ so there’s so many items they can steal out of that home to take to the pawn shop or sell out on the street. So keep those boxes in the garage and go to a recycle bin and dump it yourself.”

Also, Lawrence police say, residents can can fill out a special form to have officers patrol the area of their homes while they’re gone.