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25 Indy pizza joints to add into rotation; which style reigns supreme?

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INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — With a wide range of pizza styles to choose from, there’s something to satisfy every pizza lover’s craving this National Pizza Month (Oct.). Everyone has their favorite pizza style. What’s yours? Answer the poll below to vote for which pizza style reigns supreme. Here’s a quick rundown of six popular pizza styles you can find at 25 locally owned and operated joints in Indianapolis:

New York

Thin crust, bubbly mozzarella, and an array of toppings that almost reach the edge of the massive 18-inch pie. Typically sold by the slice or as a whole pie, it’s a classic choice.

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  • Brozinni Pizzeria: Located in the heart of Indianapolis, Brozinni’s serves authentic New York-style pizza by the slice or as whole pies. They’re famous for their large portions and classic flavors.
  • Perillo’s Pizzeria: Perillo’s Pizzeria is another excellent option for jumbo slices of New York-style pizza and Sicilian pizza in Indianapolis. Be sure to explore their menu for their Sicilian offerings.
  • Amore Pizzeria & Ristorante: Located in Zionsville, this pizzeria offers New York-style pizza with a friendly atmosphere.
  • Manhattan Pizzeria: Indulge in jumbo slices of pepperoni and shaved Italian sausage conveniently wrapped in paper sleeves at this family-operated grab-and-go counter. These piping-hot, no-frills slices are thin and generously topped, offering a taste reminiscent of the classic New York by-the-slice experience.
  • Giorgio’s Pizza: East Coast transplants, accustomed to savoring their chewy, delightfully floppy New York-style slices, have been flocking to Giorgio Migliaccio’s corner spot off Monument Circle since 1990.
  • The NY Slice: Originating as a food truck, The NY Slice is homebased within Greenwood Park Mall’s outlot. What sets it apart is its unique offering of single, brick-oven slices made to order.


This square-shaped delight takes its time rising to achieve a perfect chewy yet airy texture. It’s then generously topped with cheese and sauce for a delectable treat.

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  • Some Guys Pizza: Some Guys Pizza, located in the Broad Ripple area, offers a variety of pizza styles, including Sicilian. Their Sicilian pies are square-shaped and known for their chewy yet airy texture.
  • Puccini’s Smiling Teeth Pizza & Pasta: Puccini’s, with several locations in Indianapolis, is known for its diverse pizza offerings. While they don’t specialize in Sicilian, you can occasionally find Sicilian-style pizza on their menu as a special or rotating feature.
  • Greek’s Pizzeria: Greek’s Pizzeria, with various locations throughout the city, occasionally offers Sicilian-style pizza. It’s worth checking their menu or calling ahead to see if it’s available.

Chicago (Deep Dish)

A pie crust filled with layers of cheese and toppings, crowned with crushed tomatoes, making for a hearty and indulgent pizza experience.

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  • Pearl Street Pizzeria & Pub: Offering two distinct experiences, Pearl Street Pizzeria & Pub’s downtown location serves classic crunchy-edged bar pies favored by late-night regulars. Meanwhile, the suburban spot caters to Geist-area families with homier, hand-tossed pies and Chicago pan-style pizzas.
  • South of Chicago: Located in a Greenwood strip mall, South of Chicago is known for its deep-dish pies that rival any big-name Chicago exports. However, if you’re making the pilgrimage here, you’re likely after a heavenly, thick-as-a-brick slice, complete with buttery crust, generous cheese and toppings, ample sauce, and a heavy sprinkling of parm and oregano. You can even order yours with authentic Italian beef imported from the Windy City.
  • Roselli’s: At this welcoming West Clay establishment, Chicago-style pizza takes center stage—both the deep-dish and thin-crust varieties. Roselli’s excels with its crackery, thin-crust pies, cut into squares and heaped with toppings while retaining their integrity. The fennel sausage is a standout, and the slightly sweet sauce is a delight.
  • Ale Emporium: Ale Emporium puts a unique spin on Chicago pan-style pizza by serving it lighter than the typical deep-dish, with the cheese on top instead of beneath the sauce. While the toppings tend to be traditional, you’ll find some creative options like smoked chicken, chorizo, and capicola, allowing for a choose-your-own pizza adventure.
  • Union Jack Pub: This Broad Ripple favorite is known for its hearty, double-crusted pizzas that come with a charming crimped edge. These British-inflected delights feature a chunky, crushed-tomato sauce that adds even more delicious substance to each slice.


Baked at high temperatures for a mere 60 to 90 seconds, this pizza boasts a signature wood-burning oven char that adds a delightful smokiness to the thin-crust delight.

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  • King Dough: Located in the Holy Cross neighborhood, King Dough offers authentic Neapolitan-style pizzas with a variety of traditional and creative toppings. They use high-quality ingredients and cook their pies in a wood-fired oven, resulting in that classic Neapolitan flavor and texture.
  • Napolese Artisanal Pizzeria: This upscale pizzeria, part of the Patachou family of restaurants, located in the Meridian-Kessler neighborhood of Indianapolis. They specialize in artisanal Neapolitan pizzas topped with high-quality ingredients and cooked in a wood-burning oven.
  • Pi Indy: This unique food truck is housed in an old freightliner shipping car converted with full-length windows, creating a fun and inviting atmosphere for pizza lovers. Keep an eye on their Instagram posts to catch them at their next parking-lot party.
  • Richard’s Brick Oven Pizza: Focus here is on a thinner crust, where they apply both sauce and cheese lightly, and bake the pizzas at nearly 700 degrees in a brick oven. The result is pizzas that come out crisp and chewy with a fiery flavor.
  • Passione Pizzeria: The menu has expanded to include 27 varieties of pizza, with toppings ranging from classic pepperoni to unique combinations like pears and rosemary potatoes.

St. Louis

Featuring a cracker-thin crust, sweet sauce, and Provel cheese, this pizza is cut into squares, offering a unique twist on traditional pizza.

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  • Pizza King: Pizza King, a beloved pizza chain originating from Indiana, has been serving up St. Louis-style pizza for generations. With its irresistible cracker-thin crusts, slightly sweet sauce, and precisely chopped toppings, Pizza King has become an iconic destination for pizza enthusiasts in the Hoosier State.
  • Arni’s Restaurant: Arni’s Restaurant has been synonymous with St. Louis-style pizza for over five decades. Cracker-thin crusts that get fully covered with a slightly sweet sauce, chopped toppings, and just the right amount of cheese.


Thick crust is baked to perfection on an oiled steel pan until the generous cheese portions caramelize along the pan’s edges, creating a crispy, almost burnt texture that’s simply irresistible.

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  • Jet’s Pizza: Jet’s Pizza offers Detroit-style pizza in addition to round, thin, and New York-style pizzas.
    Their unique steel baking pans are made exclusively for the company by a Metro Detroit fabricator.
  • Futuro: Futuro is known for its diverse range of pizza toppings, including traditional options like sausage and pepperoni, as well as creative choices like goat cheese, hot honey, and Buffalo sauce.
  • The Missing Brick: While not technically Detroit-style, The Missing Brick offers unique and loaded square slices. They collaborate with local partners to create innovative toppings, including Jamaican jerk chicken and buttah-drenched seafood.
  • Sam’s Square Pie: Sam’s Square Pie is known for its meaty masterpieces. Keep an eye on their social media for their schedule at Indy’s Kitchen and future pop-up locations.

If your favorite locally owned and operated pizza place in the Indy-area is missing, email Dylan Hodges at why he should have it added.