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Building associated with notorious murder case demolished

Demolition starts at old Speedway Burger Chef building

SPEEDWAY, Ind. (WIBC) — In 1978, the Burger Chef murders shook Speedway when four people were kidnapped and later found murdered in Johnson County.

Despite decades of investigation, the case remains unsolved.

Four people — Jayne Friedt, Ruth Shelton, Daniel Davis, and Mark Flemmonds — were tragically killed in a violent and senseless attack.

On Thursday, the building where the victims were taken was demolished.

Despite occasional leads, like a photo of a knife that police say may have been connected to the killings, the murders continue to haunt Indiana as one of its most notorious unsolved crimes, leaving families and the community still seeking closure.

The property owner expects the spot to be turned into new retail space.

  • Nearly half a century ago, Burger Chef in Speedway was thriving.
  • During its most recent transformation, the gold-colored roof had been painted green and the the bright red Burger Chef sign was long gone.
  • On Nov. 17, 1978, four employees were taken from this building and murdered.