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Businesses deal with construction on Broad Ripple Avenue

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — For at least the next four months Broad Ripple Avenue between Winthrop and Guilford Avenue will be closed. It’s phase one of a massive infrastructure project to prevent flooding.

“Tuesday and Wednesday basically there was no customers at all the whole day,” said Stu Xie, Sushi Bar manager.

The restaurant already suffered during the COVID-19 pandemic, and he’s worried the construction will make things worse.

“The weather has been pretty good these days, but the construction brings in a lot of dirt, and people don’t want to sit outside, as you can see all the restaurants here they have a patio,” said Xie.

Union Jack Pub also has a patio, which did not have very many people using it Friday.

“Weeks kind of fluctuate as far as business, but it doesn’t seem like based on these four days there is an indication of it going south,” said Luke Basile, manager of Union Jack Pub.

Basil credits loyal customers and the longevity of Union Jack Pub for keeping business flowing during tough times. Despite the inconvenience, Basile is hopeful the project will benefit the area.

“I think its been a little while since Broad Ripple has had a facelift. I am hopeful that it pretties things up a little bit” Basile said.