Cars hit by rocks thrown from overpass on I-465; police increase patrols

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Mark Lytle, a Muncie resident, is sending a warning to drivers after someone dropped a rock from a railroad bridge and hit his car as he drove underneath. He says two other cars also got hit.

It happened Sunday around noon as he was driving westbound on I-465 near Madison Avenue.

According to Indiana State Police, five vehicles were hit by debris, and they believe someone threw rocks from the railroad overpass.

“I’m scared that someone else is going to get really injured,” Lytle said.

“It sounded almost like a cannon exploding,” he added.

Lytle says the rock was larger than a softball. He believes the rock was thrown from above and then it smashed into his car.

“(It) flew off of the railroad into the middle of 465 and hit my windshield,” Lytle said.

His father was in the passenger seat. Luckily, nobody inside the car got hurt.

“(It) had enough force that had it hit the middle of the windshield it would have came through and my father was in the passenger seat, so I’m thankful that it hit where it did,” Lytle said.

He says a trooper told him that this has been going on for some time. Lytle says he would like to see the railroads take action.

“Whether that is fencing along the sides of the railroad or whether it’s fencing on the sides to prevent people from climbing up — I’d like to see some sort of action and maybe some cameras installed to see if we can find the perpetrators,” he said.

ISP says that when they have reports of these types of incidents, they increase patrols in the area and dispatchers watch the livestream INDOT camera.

They are asking the public to immediately call 911 to report suspicious activity they see on the overpasses.