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Deputy with Marion County Sheriff’s Office killed in dog attack

News 8 video with this story is from a Wednesday afternoon news conference of the Marion County Sheriff’s Office.

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The woman who died in a dog attack Tuesday night was a deputy with the Marion County Sheriff’s Office, officials told News 8 on Wednesday.

46-year-old Tamieka White had been a deputy with the sheriff’s office since 2007 and worked with the Judicial Enforcement Division, the department said in a release made Wednesday morning.

Around 8 p.m. Tuesday, officers with the Indianapolis Metropolitan Police Department were sent to a residential neighborhood northeast of North Franklin Road and East 16th Street on report of an aggressive dog.

Upon arrival, witnesses informed officers that at least one animal was inside the home attacking someone. Police searched the home and found White, who received several injuries believed to be dog bites, in the garage connected to the home.

Emergency services pronounced White dead at the scene.

Investigators also located an eight-year-old boy who was said to be White’s son. He was also bitten by the dog, and sustained injuries not believed to be life-threatening. He was taken to a nearby hospital for treatment and is in good condition.

Marion County Sheriff’s Office confirmed with News 8 Thursday that White had been dog-sitting the animal that attacked and killed her.

Marion County Sheriff Kerry Forestal says in a statement made Wednesday that the department is grateful for White’s service.

“Deputy White was a bright light to all that knew her. We are immensely grateful for her nearly 17 years of service. We will work to uphold her legacy as a courageous and dedicated public service,” Forestal said.

This story has been updated with the condition of White’s son and White’s relationship with the dog.