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Greenwood, Sikh community honor 8 people killed in FedEx mass shooting

GREENWOOD, Ind (WISH) — City officials joined the Sikh community on Thursday night to honor the eight people killed in the April 15 FedEx shooting with a vigil at the Surina Square Park Amphitheater.

A week ago, the eight people went to work and never returned home. Now, the focus is healing.

Many Sikh people said Thursday that they don’t look at the FedEx shooting as a hate crime, but some do. Even those who don’t still feel unwanted.

“We’re the fifth-largest religion in the world yet no one here really knows about us. Our religion isn’t taught in the school system. Some of these young kids look at us as Muslim and, after 9/11, we face that. No matter what you are, if you’re a Sikh, Muslim, Jew, Christian, it doesn’t matter. We are all human,” said Sundeep Singh.

Singh said a major part of being Sikh is believing in one, peace and togetherness. That’s why he doesn’t want to take anything away from the other four people who were not Sikhs. He said he hopes others notice the effort his community put forth and do the same in return. On Thursday, members took the time to learn each person’s name and even read a small story about who all eight of them were.

Michael Williams represents District 3 in Greenwood, an area with a large Sikh population. He said he hopes the change is just around the corner.

“How do we look at that again, again, not being two different people but rather one community, one nation where we move together forward?” Williams asked.

Speakers also pointed people toward mental health resources. The gunman in the shooting at the FedEx facility near Indianapolis International Airport fatally shot himself.

Greenwood Mayor Mark Myers and Police Chief James Ison also spoke at Thursday night’s vigil.