Local cleaning businesses feeling effects of pandemic

Local cleaning services feeling effects of pandemic

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Some local cleaning services are feeling the effects of the coronavirus pandemic.

Scrub and Scour Cleaning Services told News 8 they’ve had up to 20% of cancellations this week. Owner Phillip Gootee said families have shown concerns and don’t want additional people in their homes due to the pandemic.

“It’s not a huge concern right now but it’s also not something that’s small. A lot of people that I’m talking to who are interested in services are hoping to have the services delayed until things calm down, which is reasonable,” Gootee said.

The company mentioned they are taking extra precautions to help keep everyone safe.

“We’ve gone to wearing gloves while we’re cleaning the entire time, we’ve implemented things like a change of clothes between houses, we review every morning our sanitization processes,” Gootee said.

Owner of Indy Executive Cleaning Service Jason Welch said he’s been getting calls around the clock. The company’s cleaning process includes a hospital-grade disinfectant spray used in homes and businesses.

“It covers more area we can saturate the home or business for day cares, toys, hard surfaces, light switches, door handles,” Welch said.

Bugs B Gone is another company seeing a higher volume of calls. They’re using a similar hospital-grade spray as well.

“We apply like a mist and we kind of have it timed out towards about 15 minutes or so to actually dry so typically if they want to step out for about 15 minutes to allow that product to dry,” said Bugs B Gone owner Matt Preston.

Homeowners say it’s important everyone does their part to prevent the spread of germs, whether they’re cleaning themselves or calling in the experts to wipe or spray around.

Homeowner and client of Indy Executive Cleaning Vickie Bellamy said she wanted a hospital-grade disinfectant sprayed in her home.

“It’s given me a little more piece of mind for my family, my 84-year-old mother lives with me so I want to make sure that everything I can do to make sure that things are sterile aside from what I do on a regular basis,” Bellamy said.