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Local family gives back, buys entire Giving Machine

Local family gives back, buys entire giving machine

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) —  An Indianapolis family spent a bundle of money in a vending machine to help others. 

 They’re among the many people using a new way to spread holiday cheer in Indiana with the Giving Machine – vending machine.

The Light the World Giving Machine initiative allows people to give to many causes. There are two locations in central Indiana, the Clay Terrace mall in Carmel and Newfields in Indianapolis.

The machines are a new concept allowing people to pick a cause — similar to picking a soda from a vending machine – and donate to it.

According to the Giving Machine Indy Facebook page, a west side family spent nearly $2,000 to “buy” all of the causes. The family members said they had gotten a bonus and wanted to help the community.

The post read: “Can you buy every item in the machine at once? Yes! Type 777 into the Giving Machine and watch every item drop, donating $1,894. This family from Indy’s west side decided to “buy the machine!” Why? “We received a bonus this year and wanted to use some of it to help fill a need in the community. The Giving Machine seemed like the perfect fit as it helped both local and global needs. Plus, it’s hard to pass up chickens 🐔, goats 🐐 and fruit trees 🌳!”

Co-chair Paul Sinclair says it’s been a great first season for these machines in the area.

It is “a remarkable experience for everybody here,” Sinclair told News 8’s Hernan Gutierrez on Christmas. “We have as many as a couple hundred vaccines that we’ve given to children, for example, and hundreds of meals to lots of people around central Indiana.”

It’s as easy as buying a candy bar, with options to donate to local charities, including Gleaners Food Bank of Indiana, or international organizations such as the Red Cross. The initiative is sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints and has been operating since Black Friday.

There are seven charities to choose from — donations ranging from $3 to $300.