National nonprofit helps inner city kids through baseball and softball

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) – National nonprofit organization Reviving Baseball in Inner Cities (RBI) are helping kids through baseball and softball.

Local organization Indy RBI volunteers are currently putting teams together across the city. Parent and coach Brandy Moorhead told News 8 kids ages 3-18 are welcomed to join for $25 a season. She said there are about a dozen kids from ages 5-12 at Christian Park so far.

The organization provides inner city kids an opportunity to learn valuable life skills and to be apart of a team environment.

Moorhead said children don’t have to have any experience. Volunteers with Indy RBI are hoping to create leagues at Christian Park, Garfield Regional Park, Forest Manor and Rhodius Park.

The parent mentioned 1,500 joined Indy RBI between the four parks last season as no kid gets turned away.

“The majority of our kiddos within our program come from single-parent homes, working families, some of them are from foster homes, things like that. To give those kids an opportunity or wanting to be apart of something, that is productive,” Moorhead added. “I always say if we’re keeping a kid off the street for an hour a week it’s definitely something you hold true to your heart.”

Indy RBI is also looking for volunteers and sponsors. It’s also accepting donations. Games will begin in May.