North Split construction impacts sandwich shop, others seeing fewer customers

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The North Split interstate reconstruction project is difficult for drivers and local businesses.

Some of the business say they’re already seeing a drop in business since the project began less than a month ago. At Greiner’s sub shop on Shelby Street in Indianapolis, its operators take pride in their sandwiches. “My mom and I always say that food unites people together,” said Bridget Moyer, the general manager.

Originally opened in 1969, Moyer’s mother has owned the shop for about the last seven years. Moyer said they’re known not only for their food, but also their community connection. “There have been people who have been coming here, like, their whole lives.”

They’re just off I-65, very close to the North Split with I-70. That downtown Indianapolis interchange is closed through the next year and a half as it undergoes a multimillion-dollar overhaul.

“Definitely, since that’s happened, we’ve noticed at least probably around a 10% decrease, probably 10-15% decrease in our sales in the shop,” Moyer said.

Greiner’s also runs some food trucks from the shop, which helps. “It’s definitely a little disheartening, but, at the same time, we have a lot of loyal customers that come in all the time that are here for us.”

Moyer said they’ve talked to a few other business operators in the area — both in and out of the restaurant business — and they say they also have seen lower traffic flow through their doors.

“I think that’s what is hard. I just don’t want anyone to suffer because of a highway closing. It really does affect a lot of the things that on a day-to-day basis that restaurants are dealing with around here,” Moyer said. “Anyone around here is just seeing a lot lower traffic flow and so we … I think everybody collectively is just been sticking with loyal customers and people who are around here all the time. The neighborhood is really nice to have because a lot of our customers come from this area, but you know we have people come from all over. That is the part that’s hard. When it’s harder for people already traveling, then it’s making it more complicated for them to get here.”

Moyer knows it’s not an easy trip to make; she does it herself. But, she encourages people on the other side of the North Split to go the extra mile and support local businesses if they can, especially businesses impacted by the closure.

Josh Pless is one of Greiner’s customers. “I’ve just always come to someplace close to where I work to support the neighborhood.”


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