Volunteers needed to help paint bridge mural

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) —  A bridge between two southeast Indianapolis neighborhoods is being re-vamped with a large mural and the artist is looking for volunteers to help paint the project.

The bridge links the Twin Aire and Christian Park neighborhoods, on English Avenue near Sherman Drive. The mural is called “Life Flows Here,” volunteers just finished priming the spaces and the artist said it will take the community coming together, to finish the painting.

“We empower, inspire and thrive and that’s what we are really trying for,” said Harlan Wilson. 

Wilson is the president of My Christian Park Neighborhood Association and said that’s the motto behind the mural. The bridge links his neighborhood with the Twin Aire community and both having been pushing for positive change in the area.

“The mural is more an opportunity to excite the community to get involved in a visual example of the transformation that is happening to the city’s east and southeast side neighborhoods,” said Wilson.

The mural has been years in the making as part of the Keep Indianapolis Beautiful (KIB) initiative. The mural project is funded by KIB as part of their Great Indy Focus Neighborhood Cleanup. Recently, people hit the pavement clearing brush and painting walls.

“They have come by and said you know this is really going to lift this area up,” said Kris May. 

May is the artist behind the mural and said the final product is called “Life Flows Here.” 

“It’s called Life Flows Here because the creek and the trail, and the park all flow through this area. And are unifying pieces I guess, and then because it’s a gateway. it’s also movement flowing through this area,” said May.

There’s a lot of traffic both by car and foot in the area. Therefore, organizers hope some of these people will volunteer and be able to help out with the painting. Already the local businesses, such as Ace Hardware, have joined to donate paint. But now, it’s time for the grunt work.

“It’s a long process, haha,” said May.

Actually, painting the mural will take months.

“It will take from now until October. There are a lot of walls to be painted here so there is going to be a lot of opportunity. I think you can think of it as one of the greatest paint by numbers opportunities in the city,” said Wilson

Organizers said it’s an opportunity to safely socialize outside and help life to flow in the community. If people want to help out they can signup for various times on the Christian Park neighborhood website here.