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Marion County officials warn of jury duty scam

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — The Marion County Prosecutor’s Office and Marion County Sheriff’s Office are warning residents of a jury duty scam.

Officials said that they have received complaints about a recent scammer making calls requesting payment due to missing jury or grand jury duty. The caller warns that an arrest warrant will be issued if they don’t pay immediately.

The caller tells them they must use a gift card or prepaid card to make a payment.

The prosecutor’s officer said if anyone is asked to appear for jury or grand jury duty, they would be sent an officials notice by the U.S. Postal service. Individuals would not be contacted by phone.

“Marion County Sheriffs, prosecutors, or the court system, none of those groups will ask for money over the phone, under any circumstances,” said Marion County Deputy Prosecutor Tim Delaney.

24-Hour News 8, spoke to one victim earlier this afternoon.

According to Ryan Barker, his wife received a call from a strange man claiming he works with the Marion County Sheriff’s Department. The mysterious man goes on to say if payment of $2,000 is not paid immediately she will be arrested.

The couple then called police, and placed the suspect on hold. The suspect eventually hung up the phone.

Prosecutors are informing the public that the suspects know little details about the victims they targeted which makes it some what believable.

People believed to have been targeted by this scam are urged to call the Marion County Prosecutor’s Officer at 317-327-5600.