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Murder of teen in Greenwood result of plan to ‘rob their plug’, court docs say

New details in weekend Greenwood murder case

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Court documents describe a plan for two teenagers in Greenwood to rob their narcotics supplier. The two teenagers were arrested in connection with the murder of 18-year-old Ethan David of Indianapolis.

According to the Greenwood Police Department, a neighbor called the police after finding Ethan David shot to death in a car in the 2000 block of Liberty Way Drive sometime Sunday night.

When officers arrived, they found David in the vehicle with a gunshot wound. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

According to a probable cause affidavit obtained by News 8, a backpack was found in the car containing narcotics and narcotic paraphernalia.

Police say witnesses observed two Black males in hoodies running west from the crime scene. Both were wearing ski masks.

According to the court documents, Greenwood police found messages in Ethan David’s phone that communicated a plan to meet with a contact named ‘D’. They also found Cash App transactions between Ethan David and a person with the initials of ‘D’.

Police were also able to obtain surveillance footage that displayed two individuals running near the crime scene.

According to the court documents, a parent contacted the Greenwood Police Department to advise them that her daughter’s friend was a part of a group conversation planning the robbery of a drug dealer.

Police say the friend, identified only as a male, named Quincy D. Stringer Jr. as part of that group.

Documents say the friend told police Stringer was a student at Clark-Pleasant Schools and confirmed he lived near the crime scene. The friend said he overheard Stringer on the phone making plans to “rob their plug,” with ‘plug’ being slang for narcotics dealer. The friend said Stringer called the dealer by either ‘Eli’ or ‘Ethan’.

Court documents say Stringer and another individual made plans to be at a park in their neighborhood when the dealer arrived. One of the suspects was to approach the dealer and ask he was selling. They would then ‘hold’ the dealer and steal the drugs.

Police say they were able to arrest Stringer and a second individual after other statements from friends and after searching cell phones. Investigators also learned that Stringer had planned to have a girlfriend mail the murder weapon to an address in Kentucky.

Court papers say police searched Stringer’s home and found a 9mm Taurus handgun, marijuana packaged in a clear plastic bag, a Diamondback Firearms 9mm handgun and Hornaday 9mm ammunition.

Investigators say the Taurus handgun matches the make, model, color, and serial number of the handgun police observed in Ethan David’s social media accounts. Police also say the marijuana was packaged and in amounts consistent with what was found in Ethan David’s backpack inside his vehicle.

According to court papers, another student told police they recognized a firearm that Stringer was holding in a FaceTime call as the one that was used to kill Ethan David. The student took screenshots and provided them to police.

Stringer and his mother refused to speak to police about the incident, according to the documents. Stringer was arrested, along with a 15-year-old juvenile.

A preliminary hearing is set for early 2024.