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Atlanta woman offers to drive stranded passengers from airport to their destination

(Photo Provided/CNN)

 ATLANTA, Georgia (WANF) — An Atlanta woman is offering to drive stranded passengers from Atlanta’s airport to their destination, amid thousands of canceled flights nationwide.

Jodie Rush walked through Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport holding only a sign on Tuesday evening.

“I can take three people anywhere they need to go,” she said. “You pay gas and food and lodging if required, and my Christmas gift to you.”

Rush said she is willing to take any passengers that had a flight canceled.

“People were saying, we’re not getting tickets until December 31, I have to get back to my family, I have to do this,” she said.

Rush told Atlanta News First she is willing to drive anywhere in the United States.

″I know how to drive in snow, I grew up in Michigan,” she said.

According to Rush, she recently hit the jackpot herself, and now wants to pay it forward during her time off work.

“What else am I going to do, sit on my couch for a week?” Rush asked. “Why not help somebody who might need it.”