Following his arrest, Louisiana ice-cream licker says he did nothing wrong

(KLFY Photo)

(KLFY) — Lenise Martin III is speaking out. He’s the man arrested after he was seen on video licking ice cream, putting his finger in it and placing it back in the grocery store’s freezer.

Martin says he did nothing wrong.

“Ain’t no law against licking ice cream, you know what I’m saying, so it’s still not adding up,” Martin said.

Martin, 37, says video of himself licking the top of a Blue Bell ice cream tub, moving his finger around the top, and licking it again, ​was not what it appeared to be.

“Who would be crazy enough to just go walk in the store, you know what I’m saying, and actually do that and put that back in there and you just heard this person go to jail, you know what I’m saying?” Martin said. “I wouldn’t do nothing like that. It probably looked like that but I wouldn’t do nothing like that.”

The Belle Rose man says he bought ice cream from the Big B’s Supermarket on Highway One, but his actions still landed him behind bars.

According to employees of Big B’s, Martin’s actions did cause them to destroy 48 tubs of the ice cream for the safety of the public. ​

They did say was a loyal customer who visited the store almost daily.​

Martin says he won’t be returning back to the store.

“I probably would have thought it over just a second just what it inflected on my family, being locked up in that cell and not being able to walk out that door,” he said.