Photographer raises money for Nashville Humane Association with series of pooch porch portraits

**EMBARGO: NASHVILLE, TN ** Wendy Jo' O'Barr is doing social distanced pooch porch portraits. She has taken on the mission to raise money for the Nashville Humane Society.

NASHVILLE, TN (WSMV) — When one woman saw a need during this pandemic, she picked up her camera and said she’s ready to help.

“When I’m going into a shoot, I like to sort of have a plan of what I’m looking for,” said Wendy Jo O’Barr of WJ Photography.

She tries to understand her subjects. She pulls from her settings, whether it be forestry or the city, all to be sure to catch the essence of who’s in front of her camera.

If all else fails, there’s always a squeaky toy.

Wendy Jo’s doing social distanced pooch porch portraits. Try saying that ten times fast.

Wendy Jo’s pup subjects sometimes dart out of frame, sometimes they’re a little bored, sometimes they just bolt off the set, sometimes they’re just not turned the right angle. That’s okay. Wendy Jo will get those perfect smiles.

“I love my job,” she said. “It is the best job in the world.”

Working with animals speaks to her heart, and that’s why Thursday was so important.

During this pandemic, the Nashville Humane Association has moved all their animals, more than 350, into foster homes. They’re left with a strange challenge of placing those animals by doing Zoom and Skype interviews with possible families.

“You know, I see a lot of people hurting,” said Wendy Jo. “It’s a struggle out there for everybody.”

Wendy Jo knew she could help. Half the money raised from these pooch porch portraits is going to Nashville Humane. Wendy Jo wants to use what she does for good, and the work just doesn’t get any cuter.


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