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Overnight rains lead to flooding around central Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Overnight rains left some part of central Indiana flooded in the early morning hours of Tuesday.

Some places got more than two inches of rain and flooded some streets and neighborhoods.

At one point, more than 3,000 people were without power.

Multiple underpasses were impassable for a time after the rainfall. The underpass at New York near LaSalle Street saw flooding along with Madison and McCarty Streets.

Near the 1700 block of South West Street, police blocked off the area with road flares until the water receded.

At the intersection of 10th and Sherman, a car was found stuck due to the flooding.

The water receeded at all of those places fairly quickly however more rain is expected later on in the day.

It is important to always have a flood plan.

Never drive through an area of standing water. It only takes about six inches of water to make a vehicle stall or lose control. Only 12 inches of water can make a small vehicle float.

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