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Police: Boy with gun at school told witness he ‘might have to shoot some people’

Police: Boy with gun at school told witness he ‘might have to shoot some people’

Police: Boy with gun at school told witness he ‘might have to shoot some people’

MUNCIE, Ind. (WISH) — Police say a 15-year-old boy last week had a gun at Muncie Central High School, made threats about shooting people and said he wanted to be locked up, according to court documents released Monday.

A petition filed in Delaware Circuit Court alleges the teen, who News 8 is not identifying, is a delinquent child who committed acts that would be a crime if committed by an adult. Those acts were characterized as:

  • Three counts of intimidation.
  • A count of possession of a firearm on school property.
  • A count of dangerous possession of a firearm.
  • A count of resisting law enforcement.

The teen was at school Wednesday wearing a red bandanna, which school officials repeatedly told him to remove and which he refused to do with agitation. He told a teacher earlier in the day that he would not do his work because “he would not be here much longer” and left school early, according to court documents.

Sometime before 2:43 p.m., a witness who had been visiting the school was called over to “Smoker’s Corner” — North Walnut Street and East Myrtle Avenue — by the teen, who proceeded to tell the witness he had a “strap” and showed the witness a handgun. He told the witness he had the gun with him while inside the school. He told the witness he had had issues at school, had been escorted to class, had a “beef” with some people and “might have to shoot some people.” He also made a comment to the witness “about wanting to be locked up so he could get his life straight,” according to court documents.

That witness contacted a school resource officer, who was joined by Muncie police, and located the teen who was wearing gray shorts, a red bandanna, a gray backpack and no shirt, according to court documents.

A Muncie police officer told the teen three times to put his hands up; he refused. The officer, who had been moving progressively closer to the teen, got him to the ground and held his arms. The teen continued to resist. Three more officers arrived to assist, and the teen was handcuffed and searched, court documents say.

In the pocket of the teen’s shorts, police found a semi-automatic handgun with two fully loaded magazines. After obtaining a search warrant for the teen’s backpacks, police found a box of hollow-point bullets, four cellphones, a box cutter, small plastic bags and clothes, court documents say.

The teen was taken into custody to be interviewed with his mother but he would not speak to detectives, court documents say.

An initial hearing with the boy’s parents is set for 8 a.m. Wednesday, according to court documents.

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