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Political party holds rally for Nichols and Whitfield III

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — A small but vocal crowd with the Party for Socialism and Liberation rallied on Monument Circle Saturday. The group said it wouldn’t be satisfied until the five Memphis police officers charged in the beating death of Tyre Nichols on January 7 are sent to prison.

Protester Doris Jones, said, “Just seeing the videos and what happened with Herman Whitfield and Tyre Nichols, it’s scary.”

Herman Whitfield III died after being tased by Indianapolis Metropolitan Police officers after they were called to his home April 25 after officers were told Whitfield was having a mental psychosis.

IMPD released new body cam footage of the moments leading up to Whitfield’s death. The PSL fears the officers involved in Whitfield’s death won’t face the consequences.

“At this point these videos are almost like the lynching postcards of days past, where police are going to be sharing this around just like the Brianna Taylor videos,” said Spokesperson Noah Leininger.

The Party for Socialism and Liberation Party advocates for workers’ and immigrant rights and takes a strong stand against funding the police. It claims politicians have too much influence on police departments, and there needs to be more community oversight.

“We think its important to be out here because if we’re not out here and this falls out of public consciousness, it’s going to be another year before the next person gets murdered by police and we’re not here for that,” Leininger said.

Jones worries she won’t be able to protect her daughter when she leaves her house because of how the police treat her.

“The fact that my kids, more than likely my oldest is going to get judged or punished just by the color of her skin, and anything can happen,” she said.

The PSL has another protest planned for Feb 5 at Muncie City Hall.