Reel Tok with Kayla: The wholesome Hanna family

Danny Hanna is a wife and mother of two children. She started posting wholesome family interactions during the COVID-19 pandemic for fun but never expected them to take off the way they did.

“We were all home and I was like you know what? Let me just start sharing these to get some laughter and joy and yeah, here we are,” Hanna said.

Her kids, Harmony and Hansel, are a real hit with people on TikTok and Instagram. The Hanna family account has nearly 1 million followers.


When mom is taking too long You gotta make couple of calls #toddlersoftiktok#harmonysworld

♬ original sound – Harmony’s World

Hanna said she never scripts these videos. She just records her kids as they are naturally. “We are going to stay true to what we are and who we are,” Hanna said.

She hopes to inspire people to have the same kind of positive interactions with their children. “They say all publicity is good publicity. No. To me, no. I don’t want to go viral for something negative.”

Though the family has enough followers to monetize its account, Hanna said, it’s all just for fun. She said the best part is hearing that others enjoy the content.

“Everybody kept saying it was making their day, and I’ve gotten some direct messages from people that said COVID was a really down time for them and those videos really brought joy and made them so happy so I was like, ‘OK I will just keep sharing.’”

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