Shelby County dog left to die now looking for new home

Shelby County dog left to die now looking for new home

SHELBYVILLE, Ind. (WISH) — A dog found in Shelby County with chemical burns all over its body and left to die, is now looking for a forever home. The shelter calls him Justice. 

Justice was found near an abandoned house in November by two young boys. He had a collar, but no microchip or identification. Now, there’s an even bigger reward for someone who has information as to who abused the animal.

Justice was treated for extensive chemical burns, tongue lacerations, sepsis and dehydration. His story has impacted people all across the United States. For example, people from Michigan and Washington sent care packages to the animal shelter and donated money to help with Justice’s medical bills.

Monday, the Shelby County Animal Shelter got a call from The Cathy Kangas Foundation, a charity that focuses on giving a voice to animals. They offered a $2,500 reward for information leading to a conviction. The shelter is going to match that reward. So far, they’ve raised $10,000. In total, the reward is $15,000. 

“What else has this person done?” Chris Browder said. “You know, I’m sure Justice isn’t the first and I’m sure he’s not the last. If he has done it to an animal, has he done it to a human? We have lots of questions that need answered and we’re not going to stop,”

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Justice has had two different foster moms. One of them is Jessica Lynch. 

“Just seeing a pet go through that is horrible enough,” she said. “So I’m happy that I could have been there through this whole journey and help him out. He has definitely come a very long way. Everything that you see on him as far as the white pieces of skin on him, that’s all brand-new skin that wasn’t there before.”

The shetler says they’re looking to find Justice a forever home, preferably one without any other pets. The shelter just learned this week that justice was formally named Roscoe. They say the former owners live in Marion County. They have not been found or identified at this point.

Animal neglect or abandonment is typically prosecuted as a misdemeanor under Indiana law. Intentionally torturing or mutilating a dog is a felony.