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Texas Tech fans getting ready for Final Four game

Red Raider fans are ready for the Final Four basketball game happening Saturday as the Texas Tech basketball team prepares to play against the Michigan State Spartans. 

“It’s just so amazing, it really was the first game I was glued to the set of my TV,” said Purshia Gambles, a Texas Tech alumna.

Texas Tech advanced after beating Gonzaga, 69-75. Already there have been multiple bookings for the upcoming game, and it reflects in the pricing. Airplane flights are over $1,000 round trip and game tickets are at least $400.

“It the only bad thing about this,” said Payton Watts, a sophmore at Texas Tech. “It’s getting pretty expensive, but I still plan to try and take a bus and we’ll see how it works out.”

Coach Beard said fans who make the trip will be greeted with Red Raider events in Minneapolis. Either way though, Texas Tech fans are sure to be cheering the team on wherever they are.

“We are just so proud of you guys,” Gambles said. “Keeping doing what you are doing, you’re making this whole town proud.”