‘UnPHILtered’: Indiana permitless carry law set to go into effect

INDIANAPOLIS (WISH) — Starting July 1st, most Hoosiers over the age of 18 will be able to carry a handgun without a permit. House Bill 1296, better known as the permitless carry bill, was signed into law by Gov. Eric Holcomb in March despite concerns raised by some in law enforcement.

Pierre Atlas, a senior lecturer at the O’Neill School Public and Environmental Affairs at IUPUI and an expert in gun laws, joined News 8’s Phil Sanchez on “UnPHILtered” to discuss concerns about the new law.
“I think that the real concern with permitless carry is not so much someone who’s going to rob a bank or someone who’s going to maybe commit a mass shooting,” Atlas said. “I think the real concerns are going to be more the heat of the moment, crimes of passion type incidents. You will have more people who can now carry without having to have a background check.”