Volunteers get sighting of dog missing after crash injuring serviceman, killing wife

UPDATE: Volunteers seeking a lost dog that ran away after a deadly crash said they received a sighting of Milo on Thursday morning. The volunteers are working to the police and the homeowner who saw the dog. The specific area where the dog was seen is not being shared. Putnam County sheriff’s deputies, however, delivered food and bedding to the area where Milo was seen.

CLOVERDALE, Ind. (WISH) — The search for a lost dog that ran away after a deadly accident expanded Wednesday.

Volunteers began putting up signs in hopes of finding Milo.

The deadly crash happened Sunday on Interstate 70 in Putnam County when Derrick Monet ran into the back of a parked fire truck. The crash killed his wife, Jenna.

Derrick remains in the hospital.

Their dog Milo ran off after the crash. Volunteers have been working to bring him back to his family.

Milo is a rescue dog and served as an emotional support dog to help Jenna. People who live in the area are being asked to check outbuildings and barns.

If you find Milo, do not rush to grab him. Volunteers were told he can be skittish.

Anyone with information on the dog should not approach it, but instead call 317-809-4939.